Are you or a loved one suffering from constant jaw pain?  

If you have sought treatment for your jaw or neck without success, you may have a condition called TMD.

Welcome to TMD Toronto – our TMD-Issue Based Practice within Smiles By Design. We are dedicated to help you eliminate or minimize the discomfort associated with your TMJ (tempero-mandibular joints). 

TMD (also known as Tempero-mandibular disorders) can show itself differently in different people. There are many different symptoms that people can experience due to this condition. Some of these symptoms are headaches, neck and back pains, clicking and popping sounds in the jaw joints, limited jaw movement, stuffiness in the ears, ringing in the ears, and dizziness.

Our goal is to help bring you relief. We want to ease pressure in the joints of your jaw, relax the muscles of your head and neck, and find an optimal jaw position where your whole body is aligned and working harmoniously. We want you to be able to embrace life, free of pain.

As a dentist, time after time I see people who have a list of names of medical doctors and other health care providers who they have seen and who have come to the frustrating end conclusion there is nothing medically diagnosable – in short, “nothing wrong” with them, and therefore, no plan for treatment. Patients are left with the unfavorable idea that their only option will be to learn to live with it. We disagree.

We’ve helped countless patients find the source of the issue and alone or in co-operation with their healthcare team – find relief.

Please call our office or complete the form to schedule a complimentary office visit and examination so we can determine the extent of your problem and provide solutions that will work for you.

For more information, feel free to download our free white page below on TMD/TMJ Headaches and Pain causes and treatment options.


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