PPM Mouth Guards

Are you a Professional Athlete, a Weekend Warrior, or an Aspiring Sports Star?  

Traditional mouth guards have been used for years to prevent concussion and protect your teeth from being fractured during athletic activities. The new generation of sports guards can also improve your performance.

There are many guards that have entered the marketplace in the last few years, but we find that the ones that most predictably bring improvements are those that are built using the “neuro-muscular” technique.

Science and Dentistry combine to produce a superior sports mouth guard:

About 6 years ago Dr. Anil Makkar from Truro Nova Scotia discovered that when he applied the principles of “neuro-muscular” dentistry to the fabrication of sports mouth guards there was a noticeable difference in many parameters of athletic performance.  There was an immediate increase in strength, balance, range of motion, and flexibility.

Performance Enhancing Mouth Guards do more than just protect your teeth.

When measurements were done, it was discovered that basketball players could jump a few inches higher, hockey players were able to receive and give body checks with more ease and stability, baseball players were able to hit the ball further. Traditional mouth guards have usually been worn for contact sports. Performance enhancing mouth guards are worn by all sportsmen. Even golfers have begun to wear them. They provide better balance, better alignment when addressing the ball, more accuracy, better concentration and longer drives!

Watch the demonstration video and listen to our testimonial interview below with our patient, Mixed Martial Arts Champion, Claude Patrick…. so you can decide for yourself if this mouth guard is for you.