From Stress to Relaxation in minutes. Our office offers NuCalm for stress free experience for our more anxious patients. NuCalm is the only patented system for balancing and maintaining the health of your autonomic nervous system. It acts like a reset button that calms and focuses your mind while allowing your body to recover. NuCalm is a safe proven neuroscience technology that quickly relaxes you without using narcotics or controlled substances. NuCalm leverages biochemistry, neurophysiology, and physics to suspend the mind and body in parasympathetic nervous system dominance – the only state that allows your body to recover, heal, and rebuild. NuCalm uses four components that work together to bring the body to a deep state of calm. It takes about 3 minutes to administer the NuCalm components. You will feel the relaxation effects in 3-5 minutes. 

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