Have you always wanted a gorgeous smile with straight teeth but didn’t want to wear the  standard unattractive and cumbersome metal braces? Metal braces may be troublesome because the metal wires and brackets can cause gum and oral damage plus many foods are limited. When the cables are tightened, it can be painful! Metal braces, let’s face it, are unattractive, and they take a long time to straighten your teeth and give you that pleasing smile.

Instead of metal brackets and wires, Dr. Marty Frankel at Dr. Marty Frankel Smiles By Design in Toronto suggests Invisalign for straightening and realigning teeth. Invisalign is a cutting-edge treatment that employs clear aligner trays to shift teeth into the proper position gradually and efficiently. It’s an orthodontic treatment that replaces traditional metal braces, allowing patients to acquire a straighter smile without the embarrassment, pain, or inconvenience of traditional metal braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment is an effective and wonderful alternative to traditional braces.  It was designed with adults in mind. The clear aligners function much like braces by applying pressure selectively to the teeth so they will be moved into a straighter and better alignment. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth using transparent tray aligners. These trays are constructed of a unique material that molds to your teeth. The aligners are made to exert gentle pressure to certain areas of your teeth in order to straighten the teeth and correct your bite. The aligner trays are updated every one to two weeks. 

Did you know that straight teeth don’t just look better, they are also easier to floss and brush?  You can therefore maintain healthier teeth and gums when your teeth are well-aligned.

Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign has shown to be a great and practical alternative to traditional metal braces. It provides the same purpose as traditional metal braces in terms of positioning and aligning the teeth. Because of its nearly undetectable appearance, patients prefer Invisalign. As a result, it is becoming a more common dental option. Dr. Marty Frankel is available to help you determine whether Invisalign treatment is the best solution for you. Your overall oral dental health, smile, and bite will be thoroughly cared for at Dr. Marty Frankel Smiles By Design and we will advise an effective treatment plan for you and assist in accomplishing your objectives.

Invisalign Benefits:

Practically Invisible

Invisalign’s transparent and clear trays are one of its most appealing and beneficial features. Traditional braces are visually unsightly and undesirable to many adults and children. You won’t have to worry about brackets and wires on your teeth with Invisalign as they are virtually invisible.  Most people will not know that you are wearing the aligners allowing our patients to feel comfortable with their smile throughout the procedure.

Shorter Treatment Period

Traditional orthodontic procedures, such as metal braces, take longer to complete than Invisalign. Straightening teeth with metal braces might take anywhere from one up to three years. Invisalign therapy, as a viable alternative usually takes anywhere from six months to a year. Contact us right away if you want to know how long your teeth straightening treatment will take to complete.


Invisalign trays are made of a soft plastic so that our patients are not uncomfortable throughout treatment. The edges are not sharp because it’s a soft plastic and the trays will be individualized for the best fit for your teeth and mouth. Invisalign aligners are quite comfortable to wear and are replaced every 2 to 3 weeks which helps to keep them fresh and working correctly. 

Eat Your Favorite Foods

When it comes to metal braces, you are required to be particularly cautious about what you eat, which means you must adhere to a number of dietary restrictions. Most sticky, chewy, or hard foods can harm your metal braces so you’ll have to say goodbye to some of your favorite foods with traditional braces. Invisalign trays however can be removed at any moment so you can eat whatever you want, one of the numerous advantages of Invisalign.

Easy Care And Use

Invisaligns are removable so this means you can take them out when you eat and drink, and when you floss and brush your teeth. Oral hygiene can be done more effectively as you can maintain healthy gums better than traditional braces because Invisalign are easy to remove. The trays are detachable so you can simply clean and floss your teeth while also cleaning the aligners. Cavities and other tooth damages are extremely unlikely if you use Invisalign and practice good oral care on a regular basis.

Play Sports

With Invisalign treatment, you can accomplish practically anything more conveniently. You can prevent hazards when performing sports because the aligners are easy to remove or can be used during sporting activities.

Enhances Your Self-Confidence

Teenagers, in comparison to adults, are more self-conscious. This is why more teenagers are opting for Invisalign aligners for their orthodontic procedures because they are virtually invisible to others, allowing them to keep their self-esteem. Teens who wear Invisalign aligners are less likely to be bullied because of their appearance, according to many studies.  

Solution to Various Dental Issues

Invisalign is a terrific tool for preserving good oral health. Overbite, crossbite, open-bite, under-bite, projecting teeth, overcrowded teeth, and gapped or crooked teeth can all be corrected with Invisalign.

Feel free to take advantage of the information on our site so you can determine if Invisalign is right for you. If you have any questions about this method or its effects on your teeth, please call us or request a complimentary office visit.

How Invisalign Works

Step 1: Free Consultation, Customized Treatment Plan and Records

Your doctor will examine your mouth and x-rays/photos during the first consultation session to determine whether Invisalign is the appropriate solution for you. If you decide to go through with Invisalign, the dentist will take more pictures, a 3-D snapshot, x-rays and imprints of your teeth after this appointment so that a unique treatment plan may be developed for you in order to map out your teeth location.

Step 2: Clear Aligners Are Made and Placed

Obtaining BPA-free transparent plastic aligners is the next step. The edges of the trays are smooth and designed for your teeth so putting them on will be painless. They must be worn on a daily basis. You can take them out while eating or brushing your teeth.

Step 3: New Set of Aligners and Checkups

During the next visit of the treatment plan your dentist will provide a new set of aligners specific to your treatment plan. You will notice a difference as your teeth begin to shift. Your dentist may add attachments to your aligners to help them straighten your teeth more effectively.

You will also be expected to see your doctor every six weeks to check your progress and determine whether any required adjustments to your specific treatment plan are necessary. Our dentists and hygienists recommend that you should have your teeth cleaned every four to six months. The aligners can be removed for eating and cleaning, but you will still need to maintain your teeth with the help of a hygienist to ensure that they remain healthy and look better.

Final Words 

One of the most common worries people have concerning dental braces is the metal looking cosmetic influence on their smile. The notion of wearing visually unattractive metal braces for long periods of time can be demoralizing, especially for appearance conscious teens and adults. Invisalign® is a nearly invisible teeth-straightening device that does not contain any metal plus they are more visually appealing.

A series of custom-made alignment trays are used in the Invisalign treatment. Dr. Marty Frankel adjusts the trays every few weeks to accommodate the new tooth alignment. Aside from the lessened visual impact, Invisalign alignment trays can be temporarily removed for special events, allowing patients to decide the length of their treatment period and use. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that will gradually straighten your teeth using a series of clear, removable aligners. The constraints of metal braces, including the wires and brackets are not present with the Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign is a clear translucent aligner made and constructed from an elastomeric brace  proprietary thermoplastic material called SmartTrack®. The governing body and dental approval board has authorized and approved them since they do not contain BPA, latex, BPS, or gluten. Invisalign aligners are thin and comfortable to wear while on your teeth, making them a clear and better choice for straightening your teeth.

Several factors influence the length of treatment, including the intricacy of an individual’s case and how often or the length of the time the aligners are worn. Your dentist will determine and decide how long your therapy will take based on your needs. However, the average treatment time for Invisalign is six to eighteen months, but patients might see results in as little as a few weeks or longer if the aligners are not worn often enough.

The Invisalign treatment may generate some pressure on your teeth, but the vast majority of people seldom experience any pain. There is a chance of discomfort or soreness, particularly when the trays are changed for new ones during the specific treatment planned intervals. These aches and discomfort will usually go away in a few days.

One of the things that people like about Invisalign is how simple they are to use. The aligners are simple to put on and take off, at any time and they do not cause discomfort while in use. This is due to the smooth edges and custom shape which will not hurt or affect your gums. They are also virtually undetectable to others, so you will not be hesitant to wear them.

Your dentist might add tooth-colored “handles” to your teeth during your Invisalign treatment so that the aligners have additional support to exert pressure and push on your teeth. The pressure applied to your teeth can be raised or lowered in this way, resulting in proper alignment for the straightening process. Don’t worry; much like the aligners, these handles will be invisible, so you and others won’t even detect them.

These aligners must be worn for twenty to twenty-two hours every day, with a new set being replaced every one to two weeks. The new set of aligners will adhere to your treatment plan that will gradually and gently move your teeth into the proper position until you get that attractive smile of nicely aligned teeth.

The Invisalign aligners may have the potential to have a yellow look if your teeth are not brushed before inserting them in your mouth or if the teeth have a yellow discoloration already. If you drink coffee, juice, colored sodas, wine, or tea, this can also happen, but if you do proper care of your teeth, yellowing will not occur.

Invisalign will gradually realign your teeth without sacrificing your comfort or the assurance of a beautiful, healthy smile. Major progress cannot be seen in 7 to 14 days; however, some patients may detect visible changes in 10 to 12 weeks.

Some teeth issues are not treatable with Invisalign. Schedule a free appointment with us today so that we can create a treatment plan that is unique to you.

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